The one is talking,
The otherīs listening,
the one is calling you brother
and you pick it up.
It seems to be right
and so you carry on
afraid of nothing
but now you refucked up again
and you know:
from your lips
I cannot read
nothing thatīs
convincing me.
an evil tongue
on the loose,
it pisses me off.
Fool around,
play your game.
leave me be,
forget my name.
Iīll ignore,
all youīll do
is pisses me off.
You ainīt worth
a piece of shit,
better run
or get hit,
it pisses me off.
Iīve failed again.
Iīve blindly spent my trust.
It īs been my fault.
Do I ever learn?
The only ones
I really can rely on
itīs my friend and me.
Do you agree?
It doesnīt matter!